Q.  Can I wear cleats?
A.  Yes, you can wear molded cleats or turf shoes, just not screw in spikes

Q.  What kind of turf is it?
A.  We use Field Turf, same as most NFL turf fields.

Q.  I’m not sure when my daughter’s game is.  Who do I call?
A.  You will have to call either Bob Smith for soccer questions or Chris Sanderson for lacrosse questions.  Bob can be reached at 609-468-7208 and Chris can be reached at 609-737-4485.

Q.  Are there places for parents to watch the games?
A. Yes, we have a spectator seating area with bleachers.

Q.  Can I get something to eat there?
A. Normally we have a snack bar set up on weekends in the winter, but if not we have vending machines.

Q. When I plug you into my GPS, you guys don’t come up?
A.  You have to plug in 153 West Manor Way, Trenton, NJ.  We don’t get it either.

Q.  Can I rent the place out for my son’s birthday party?
A.  If we have space available, of course!  Call us at 609-259-8787

Q.  Is this place heated?
A.   It is.  We control the temp at keep it at a comfortable playing temperature.  It may be a good idea to bring a sweater if you plan on watching.